Happy Customers

"I absolutely love these strings, I have been searching for years for that certain sound and finally found it. These strings change everything. The perfect balance."
Chris Bahr
"Wow! Just bought the strings….and put them on my Yamaha G800. I was previously using D’Addario lights. I won’t be going back! Sound is full, and great for either strong or soft play…..awesome strings!"
David K
"These strings are fantastic! As a long time Eli**r player I really enjoy that these have a light coating. The tone is superb and they sound great on my D-18 and my D-28! These are the only strings I will use from now on!"
Aaron Osborne
"I just bought 6 sets of strings – put them on new HD-28, D-18, Yamaha FGX5 and Yamaha LL – By far the best sounding strings on both Mahogany and Rose Wood."
Dale Kuhlman